Introducing Handcrafted Gin

Spring is here! What better way to celebrate than with our newly released Juno Handcrafted Gin!

Yes, Juno is at it again – exploring and innovating. This time making her way further South – to the Overberg where she has been handcrafting her very own gin. As always, Juno dœs things her way and has sourced a secret selection of botanicals of which most are endemic to South Africa, some very hard to find. The blend has just been perfected and Juno is excited to share it with you. Curious? You should be. Some call it a revolution. Juno calls it adventure.

This handcrafted gin is infused with fresh lemon, bay leaves, sweet orange, star aniseed, pepper, juniper berries – the rest Juno is keeping a secret! It can be enjoyed on the rocks, or as Juno would – in a BIG Copa glass with an Indian Tonic and dehydrated orange, rosemary or fresh lemon. Salute!

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