Nieuwe Haarlem Wines

Sometimes, like a fine wine, a story is just too good not to share.
Encircled with historical gravitas and adventure, the Nieuwe Haarlem is one such tale.

On 25 March 1647, the Dutch lndiaman named the Nieuwe Haerlem was wrecked in a storm in the Cape’s Table Bay. This shipwreck was destined to change the course of history, leading to the creation of a new state on the southern part of the African continent. How?

Thanks to the brave decisions of Captain Leendert Janszen, the crew stayed behind with him to look after the shipwrecked cargo. During this time, the sailors grew vegetables, planted the Cape’s first vines and bartered fresh meat with the locals – slowly paving the first stone for what would be the path to establishing the Cape as the halfway refreshment station along the spice route.

Today, the Cape is still rich with vines, some of which were first planted by Janszen and his crew. Ultimately, the Nieuwe Haarlem planted a legacy that is as significant as it is celebrated.